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RE: Scrolls Deposit Date

>Ian, before responding to your specific points, let me make some general
comments.<    [Russell Gmirkin]

 This opener was followed by 230 lines -- count 'em!

 Am I correct in thinking there are some basic ground rules on Orion (as on
many other lists) about maximum length of messages?  And if so, what is the
suggested maximum number of "screens"?

It's my understanding that many people have to actually pay for the time in-
volved in receiving (let alone reading) messages.  Perhaps it would make more
sense for lengthy replies to points made by individuals to be sent privately
to that individual.  The responder could send a brief message to Orion saying
that he/she had replied individually to whoever-it-was, and would be happy
to forward a copy of that reply to any listmember who was sufficiently inter-
ested to want to read 230 lines on the particular topic.

I'm just trying to be pragmatic here, and to save time and money all round.
I'd be happy to get feedback from list organizers on this suggestion.   .

Thank you,

Judith Romney Wegner
Connecticut College