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Re: raqia, Genesis 1


>Do the Dead Sea Scrolls contain any portions from Genesis 1 (chapter 1)?  If
>so, has any study been published describing these fragments?  Would any such
>study be available here in the United States (Arizona).  Of particular
>interest to me is the ORIGINAL meaning of the Hebrew word transliterated
>"raqia", which is often translated as firmament or expanse.
	Scanlin lists six mss which contain portions of Genesis 1. They are 
4QGen g, 4QGen b, 4QGen h(1), 4QGen k, 1QGen, and 4QGen d.
	So far as I know the basic meaning of raqia has not been changed due
to studies on the DSS mss. Raqia comes from a verb which means to stamp as with
a foot. see Ezek 25:6 and II Sam 22:43.