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marriage bibliography; Ian errors

To Michael Satlow: perhaps see also J. M.
Baumgarten's "The Qumran-Essene Restraints on
Marriage" in Archaeology and History in the
Dead Sea Scrolls, L. Schiffman ed. (Sheffield,
1990) 13-24 (which I comment on briefly in a 
JSPseud. 13 rev.). His Milgrom festschrift paper
(in Pomegranates and Bells) deals with 4QD marriage
law (as does, more briefly is Madrid Qumran 
Congress paper). 4QD apparently forbids intercourse
during pregnancy. JMB notes Contra Apion 2, which
was further discussed on orion (?Sept or Oct '96).
Several reviewers of DJD VII accept Baillet's
interpretation. Various writers have noted that
celibacy for Qumran/Essenes may involve certain
times and places. And of course, disputers of the Essene identification
(see below) sometimes
avoid Josephus' recognition of marriage among
some Essenes. I hope this is useful; I await your

Selected errors in the 30 Jan post by Ian H.
(selected because I haven't time to respond to all
his rhetoric):
1) Ian on post-63 BCE Sadducees in NT: "They have a
walk on part in a dispute story"; "as a political
entity [they] did nothing more in Jewish history."
But "Sadducees" appears 14 times in NT, in 4 books.
2) Ian: "You haven't done any of the footwork to
relate the Essenes to the scrolls." See, e.g.,
my "Posidonius, Strabo, and Marcus Vipsanius
Agrippa as sources on Essenes" in JJS. 
3) Ian: "You theorize that all or most of the scrolls were produced in
Qumran." I did not write this; I have claimed that some substantial
number were, but I've never presumed to know the percentage. And Ian
(again) refused to factor in the
import of mss (from Essenes and non-Essenes) as well
as the export, claiming this idea is too complex.
	As I said, I haven't time for a response to every
assertion, and. of course, I can occasionally agree.
We all make mistakes; we are all ignorant of
various subjects. But, in my opinion, the agressive
delivery of ignorant views about Qumran on orion
are inappropriate and discourteous.
Stephen Goranson   UNC-Wilmington