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Re: Adam, Eve, and 4Q502

According to Michael L. Satlow:> 
> I am looking for recent bibliography on 4Q502 ("Marriage Ritual") and any
> bibliography at all on Tobit 8:5-7, often cited as a related text.  Has
> there been any substantive discussion of these texts outside of J.
> Baumgarten's recent pieces?

There is substantial, if not substantive, discussion of 4Q502 in Ita
Sheres and Anne K. Blau, <b>The Truth about the Virgin: Sex and Ritual in
the Dead Sea Scrolls</>, New York: Continuum, 1995. My review of the book
will appear on IOUDAIOS REVIEW in the near future, and I could send you a
preliminary copy privately in exchange for collegial review of my review.

I believe that they reference the Tobit text as well, since they refer to
a great many texts. However, the book lacks the usual indices of texts,
and in a quick perusal of the library's copy, I don't see it. Odes of
Solomon 19, yes; Tobit, no. In short, I don't think it was ever written
with the intention of being submitted for serious scholarly review.

Briefly, their speculation is that in the fragmentary rituals at Qumran
there are to be discovered the indicaters of remanants of fertility rites
of the Goddess. Men who had removed t