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Adam, Eve, and 4Q502

Dear Michael,
The issue of whether 502 is a marriage ritual and its comparison with Tobit
and the rabbinic sources is a favorite paper topic in my courses!  But, as
far as I know there has not been a thorough, systematic treatment since
Baumgarten.  The text is treated in general studies such as Schiffman's
Reclaiming the DSS and Eileen Schuller has an excellent article on Women in
Qumran in which she treats this and other relevant texts.  I read Schuller's
article in draft and so, never remember where it was published but, if you
check the latest Garcia Martinez-Parry bibliography from Brill, you can find
the reference.
If you come across further biblio on this, I would be happy to get the
references.  I imagine you plan to write on the topic - keep us informed!
Shabbat Shalom,
Esther Chazon
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I am looking for recent bibliography on 4Q502 ("Marriage Ritual") and any
bibliography at all on Tobit 8:5-7, often cited as a related text.  Has
there been any substantive discussion of these texts outside of J.
Baumgarten's recent pieces?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Satlow
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