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Re: C-14, coins, Essenes

Dear Stephen,

On the C-14 I was merely quoting the easily accessible analyses found in
both Schiffman and VanderKam. I am aware of Greg's work in the area.

Your position on the coins however is simply untenable. VanderKam
obviously had a reason for keeping the Tyrian hoard separate (because it
was a hoard). The data is pretty plain on the coins issue: about twenty
coins from 76 bce to 6 ce, 143 from Alexander Jannaeus, and a big
collection under the procurators and lesser kings.

> The total coin number, which is rather small, coheres well with the
> Essene identification, as they had less call to carry coins daily than
> other populations.

Do you think you could elucidate on this? I don't understand how the
"total coin number...coheres well with the Essene identification".

> You attempt to refute the "Essene hypothesis" by
> attacking a straw man parody of it (e.g. as a small, isolated sect).

You are obviously misreading my post if you come to this conclusion. I'm
well aware of the Essenes as a town phenomenon as per Josephus. If you
read the Charlesworth edited "Jesus and the dss" there's a chapter on
the "Essene" quarter of Jerusalem.

I was attacking your parody of the problem of the scribal hands, which
you still need to deal with.

> you mischaracterize Sadducees (was Zadok a Sadducee?).

How? And what are your sources?

You are right about Laperrousaz "whose datings may suit you more".

> In brief, I do not agree with G.D. or R.G. in considering
> your dating proposal as well supported (yet).

Yes, I guess there's a lot to do yet.

> Robert Donceel wrote the article "Qumran" in the new Oxford Encyclopedia
> of Archaeology in the Near East. Michael Wise wrote on DSS and I wrote
> on Essenes. Of course, there is some overlap and some disagreements,
> but I hope you will find some useful information and bubliography there.

Thanks, it's always good to read the most recent stuff -- and
disagreements keep the situation honest!


Ian Hutchesson