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Re: Eisenman - a test?

Actually, there are two books out (and/or soon coming out) by Eisenman, both
published by Penguin, so this has been a bit confusing.  The first, called
something like, The DSS and the First Christians is actually just reprints
of his Brill book on James and some additional essays/articles.  The second,
which is the massive 1000 pages on James, is overdue but still delayed I
think and as far as I know not yet available.  I am reading through the page
proofs, slowly but surely.  As is often the case with Eisenman's work, the
long notes with many rich references are worth as much as some of the
arguments and sub-arguments.  This book on James is not merely a rehash of
the basic Eisenman identity of TR=James, although he surely still holds that
view.  It is much broader and wider ranging, dealing with the whole
"underside" of the Jesus movement (non-Pauline, "heretical," Ebionite, etc.)
up through and including influence and connections with Islam.  Eisenman's
training was initially as an Islamicist, BTW.   It might well be that a book
of this scope, though still containing Eisenman's basic DSS theory, will
serve to put some of his other more valuable contributions before us. 

James Tabor

>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 08:53:10 AST
>The Penguin ad for RH Eisenman's _James the Brother of Jesus_
>says $45 for 1,036 pages: Jan 97 is listed as publication date. 
>Has anybody received a copy and read it?
>Tom Simms