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Re: Eisenman - a test?

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997 16:30:32 -0500 (EST), jwest@SunBelt.Net writes:
>At 10:46 AM 1/20/97 -0400, you wrote:

    See below
>>The Penguin ad for RH Eisenman's _James the Brother of Jesus_
>>says $45 for 1,036 pages: Jan 97 is listed as publication date. 
>>Has anybody received a copy and read it?
>I have one on order- but it has not yet been published (evidently).
>Jim West, ThD
>Petros TN

   Ian Hutchesson and Russell Gm-blfx (I can't spell it) have pretty well 
   convinced me the Cache of scrolls is c. 65 BC(E)...  I have a lot riding
   on Eisenman because I have one leg of my view that Jesus encountered Paul
   at Dasmascus/Qumran and Eisenman's readings allow this view.  I relied
   on the summary B and L gave his views (and on Hugh Schonfield) to think 
   as I did and until I know who occupied the Q site before 68 AD/CE my view
   may survive, SWIM (See What I Mean)?

   Frankly, their (H and Gm) view is correct in its main points and uses
   Eisenman translations to support their readings but that reading may not 
   be crucial, we'll see.  This is something I think has only come along   
   since E's text was sent to the printers, likely post galley stage even.

Thanks for the note