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Re: Eisenman - a test?

My information is that the book will not be available in bookstores  in
the States until the end of the month.

Speaking of Eisenmann, has anyone commented on his point re. "The Temple
Scroll" that the King being forbidden to marry a niece implies an
Herodian rather than a Hasmonaean time frame.


On Mon, 20 Jan 1997 10:46:23 AST Thomas M Simms
<tsimms@quartz.nbnet.nb.ca> writes:
>This is a test -but I'd like a comment anyway---
>(I may have been sending to the wrong address.  This one goes to 
>Olive.  Is
>Pluto out of business?  My new CPU not yet on line I call Brutus.  
>we all stand and sing a chorus of Popeye the Sailor Man? <G> )
>Now back to business ---
>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 08:53:10 AST
>The Penguin ad for RH Eisenman's _James the Brother of Jesus_
>says $45 for 1,036 pages: Jan 97 is listed as publication date. 
>Has anybody received a copy and read it?
>My view, without seeing it, is that unless Eisenman has done a
>complete turnaround since the summary Baigent and Leigh offered
>in _The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception_, namely Chapter 13 pp 276-290
>and many references besides, then we are in a Cat and Dog fight
>over his new book.  He identifies the Teacher of Righteousness of
>Qumran with James.
>(These guys were good newsmen and investigative reporters.  I
>respect their abilities if not always their judgments.  Re James,
>they do a very competent epitome of what Eisenman had published
>up to his going to ground for this new book.)
>I may be very wrong!  I'd appreciate hearing some previews,
>especially if it argues redating the DSS.
>(With the recent discussions on Orion - remember, you first saw
>it here - my question may be answered...)
>Tom Simms