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Eisenman - a test?

This is a test -but I'd like a comment anyway---

(I may have been sending to the wrong address.  This one goes to Olive.  Is
Pluto out of business?  My new CPU not yet on line I call Brutus.  Should 
we all stand and sing a chorus of Popeye the Sailor Man? <G> )

Now back to business ---

Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 08:53:10 AST

The Penguin ad for RH Eisenman's _James the Brother of Jesus_
says $45 for 1,036 pages: Jan 97 is listed as publication date. 
Has anybody received a copy and read it?

My view, without seeing it, is that unless Eisenman has done a
complete turnaround since the summary Baigent and Leigh offered
in _The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception_, namely Chapter 13 pp 276-290
and many references besides, then we are in a Cat and Dog fight
over his new book.  He identifies the Teacher of Righteousness of
Qumran with James.

(These guys were good newsmen and investigative reporters.  I
respect their abilities if not always their judgments.  Re James,
they do a very competent epitome of what Eisenman had published
up to his going to ground for this new book.)

I may be very wrong!  I'd appreciate hearing some previews,
especially if it argues redating the DSS.
(With the recent discussions on Orion - remember, you first saw
it here - my question may be answered...)

Tom Simms