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Re: OR ??(2) - Ps 19 and ABMC

Ps 19 doesn't figure in the index of H. Scanlin, The dead Sea Scrolls and
modern Translations of the old Testament.

>FIRST QUERY  -  Psalm 19 `Hashamaim misparim kvod el'
>I am trying to discover whether Psalm 19 is represented among *any of the
>manuscripts from the Dead Sea area.
>To that end, I have checked Fitzmyer's lists in his <b>101 Questions about
>the DSS</>, Stephen Reed's and Marilyn Lundberg's <b>Catalogue</>, and
>Garcia Martinez's listing of the scrolls, in his <b>The Dead Sea Scrolls
>I also checked the scripture index in Wise's new Translations, in a
>bookstore. According to that source, there's no *mention* of Ps 19 in the
>non-Biblical mss. I am unable to check James A. Sanders's edition of the
>Psalms Scroll, as it has disappeared from the library here. Sometimes Reed
>and Lundberg provide information about the Biblical verses covered in the
>fragments of any particular ms listing; sometimes they don't.
>Is anyone able to direct me to another reference tool I've overlooked,
>that would have the information, or quickly check the coverage of the
>Psalms Scroll, or otherwise let me know one way or another whether Ps 19
>is attested?
>Thanks in advance,
>Sigrid Peterson   University of Pennsylvania  petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
>Finkelstein Fellow
>University of Judaism

Michael Zarb
Cobble Hill, BC, Canada
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