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Re: OR ??(2) - Ps 19 and ABMC

In response to Sigrid Peterson's queries

> FIRST QUERY  -  Psalm 19 `Hashamaim misparim kvod el'
> I am trying to discover whether Psalm 19 is represented among *any of the
> manuscripts from the Dead Sea area.
> Is anyone able to direct me to another reference tool I've overlooked,
> that would have the information, or quickly check the coverage of the
> Psalms Scroll, or otherwise let me know one way or another whether Ps 19
> is attested?

The best source for such information are two articles by Eugene 
Ulrich titled "An Index of the Passages in the Biblical Manuscripts 
>From the Judean Desert . . ." and published in _Dead Sea Discoveries_ 
1(1994):113-129 and 2(1995):86-107.

According to Ulrich's index nothing from Psalm 19 has appeare din the 
Biblical MSS from the Judean Desert.

> According to the introduction to the Reed & Lundberg Catalogue, there was
> to have been an internet site established for the purpose of accessing
> the database represented by the Catalogue listings. I have not been able
> to find such a location, and the address is not published. Does it exist,
> and if so, what is the URL?

According to a communication I received from the ABMC within the last 
two weeks, the web site is not yet up.  It is now planned to be bring 
it up after the revised edition (print) of the Reed & Lundberg catalogue is 
published.  One could inquire further directly at the ABMC using the 
following e-mail address:


The Director there is Michael Phelps.

Hopes this helps.

Richard Weis
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