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OR ??(2) - Ps 19 and ABMC

FIRST QUERY  -  Psalm 19 `Hashamaim misparim kvod el'

I am trying to discover whether Psalm 19 is represented among *any of the
manuscripts from the Dead Sea area.

To that end, I have checked Fitzmyer's lists in his <b>101 Questions about
the DSS</>, Stephen Reed's and Marilyn Lundberg's <b>Catalogue</>, and
Garcia Martinez's listing of the scrolls, in his <b>The Dead Sea Scrolls

I also checked the scripture index in Wise's new Translations, in a
bookstore. According to that source, there's no *mention* of Ps 19 in the 
non-Biblical mss. I am unable to check James A. Sanders's edition of the
Psalms Scroll, as it has disappeared from the library here. Sometimes Reed
and Lundberg provide information about the Biblical verses covered in the
fragments of any particular ms listing; sometimes they don't.

Is anyone able to direct me to another reference tool I've overlooked,
that would have the information, or quickly check the coverage of the
Psalms Scroll, or otherwise let me know one way or another whether Ps 19
is attested?


According to the introduction to the Reed & Lundberg Catalogue, there was
to have been an internet site established for the purpose of accessing
the database represented by the Catalogue listings. I have not been able
to find such a location, and the address is not published. Does it exist,
and if so, what is the URL?


Thanks in advance,
Sigrid Peterson   University of Pennsylvania  petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Finkelstein Fellow
University of Judaism