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Orion International Symposium program


Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls 
and Associated Literature
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sunday 12 January - Tuesday 14 January, 1997


"Pseudepigraphic Perspectives: The Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha 
in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls"


We are pleased to present the complete program for the Orion Symposium. 

There is no registration fee. 

Participants (lecturers and chairpersons) will be guests of the Orion 
Center for lunch during the conference (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday).  The 
banquet is partially subsidized for participants ($25.00 or NIS 80.00) and 
is open to spouses and other guests at the unsubsidized rate ($50).  


Sunday, January 12  (Humanities Bldg. Room 2713)
Morning session: E. Tov, Presiding

 9.30 am Registration and Coffee
10.15 am Opening Remarks--Y. Zakovitch, Head of the Institute of Jewish 
10.25 am M. E. Stone, "The Axis of History at Qumran"
11.20 am M. de Jonge, "Levi in 'Aramaic Levi' and in the Testament of Levi"
12.10 am Break
12.30 pm M. Bernstein, "The Degrees and Functions of Pseudepigraphy at 
1.30 pm  Lunch, Education Bldg.

Afternoon session: M. Kister, Presiding (Room 2712)
4.00 pm B. Halpern-Amaru, "The Naming of Levi in Jubilees"
4.30 pm J. C. VanderKam, "The Angel Story in the Book of Jubilees"
5.30 pm C. Werman, "Qumran and the Book of Noah"


Monday, January 13 (Reception Center, Administration Building)
Morning session, B. Nitzan, Presiding

 9.00 am G. Nickelsburg, "Revelation in the Pseudepigrapha and Some 
Qumranic Writings"
 9.50 am Coffee
10.10 am J. Kugel, "The Prayer of Enosh and Ancient Biblical 
11.00 am M. Morgenstern, "The Genesis Apocryphon and its Contemporaries 
- Some Linguistic  Considerations"
11.30 pm T. Elgvin, "4Q474--A Joseph Apocryphon"
12.00 pm Lunch

1.00 pm  A. Ben-Tor, Tour of Exhibit, " Mediterraneam Peoples in 
Transition," Archeology Building, 5th Floor

Afternoon session, I. Knohl, Presiding
2.30 pm D. Dimant, "On Resurrection: Prophets and Pseudo-Prophets at Qumran"
3.30 pm M. Himmelfarb, "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Genre Apocalypse"
4.00 pm B. Wright, "Qumran Pseudepigraha in Christianity: Is 1 Clement 
50:4 a Citation of 4Q Pseudo-Ezekiel?" 


Tuesday, January 14  (Humanities Bldg. Room 2111)
Morning session, Y. Yahalom, Presiding
 9.00 am R. Elior, "The Beginning of Jewish Mysticism: from Priestly 
Opposition to Merkavah Mysticism"
 9.50 am Coffee (Humanities Bldg. Room 2102)
10.15 am L. Schiffman, "The Temple Scroll and the Halakhic Pseudepigrapha 
of the Second Temple Period"
10.45 am M. Bregman, "Pseudepigraphy in Rabbinic  Literature"
11.15 am P. Mandel, "The Sources of Knowledge in Qumran and in Rabbinic 
Literature: A Study of the Evolution of a Metaphor"

12.00 pm  Lunch, Education Bldg.  

(Humanities Bldg. Room 2103)
Afternoon session, E. Chazon, Presiding
1.30 pm E. Eshel, "4Q Historical Text (4Q248) and the Literary Growth of 
the Book of Daniel"
2.00 pm J. J. Collins, "Pseudepigrapha and Group Formation in Second Temple Judaism"
3.00 pm Concluding Round Table Discussion: J. J. Collins, D. Satran, M. 
E. Stone 
4.00 pm Conclusion

Monday 7.30 pm: Conference Banquet, Chez Simon, 15 Shammai St. Jerusalem
Tuesday 4.30 pm: Farewell Reception, Orion Scholars Room, Humanities 
Bldg. 6115.
Tel: 972-2-5882063, Fax: 972-2-5883584

The Orion Fund Ltd.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem