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Re: yahad ostracon (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 01:21:21 GMT +100
From: Frederick Cryer <FC@teol.ku.dk>
To: First Century Judaism Discussion Forum <ioudaios-l@Lehigh.EDU>
Subject: Re: yahad ostracon

Having now seen Esti Eshel's materials on the yahad ostracon at the 
SBL in New Orleans, I would say that there is every reason to 
question the reading: it would take quite a slip of the pen to have 
turned an actual Chet into the ambiguous form actually attested, and 
the context is broken and hence useless. Like a fair amount of this 
sort of thing, the "yahad" reading is extra-linguistic: not grounded 
in the facts of language, but in suppositions about the historical 
and social context of the find which have in turn influenced the 
reading. This is not to say that the reading is out of the question, 
but only that there is no particular reason to advocate it.

Fred Cryer
Assoc. Prof./Research
Univ. of Copenhagen