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Re: "Camps" & "Cities"

> I have been working under the impression that camps as mentioned in a number
> of the dss referred metaphorically to cities and villages as MMT goes into
> great detail to explain regarding Jerusalem, for example, "We reckon that
> the Temple [is 'the Tent of Witness,' while] Jerusale[m] is the 'camp'.
> 'Outside the camp' [means 'outside Jerusalem.']..." 
> ...

> Ian Hutchesson

Interesting in this connection is the location language in the Temple
Scroll, where "cities" seems to function like the "camps" of 4QMMT, etc.
See, e.g. 11Q19 col. 47 (Temple Scroll, Garcia Martinez 168), where
Jerusalem is "the city which I will sanctify" and "the city of my
temple" in relation to "your cities" and "their cities" -- "you shall
not purify any city among your cities like my city" (line 14f). I don't
recall seeing "camps" terminology in the Temple Scroll (or at least in
the GM translation), although it does specify certain "zones" or
sublocations in relation to "the city" (e.g. for lepers, or latrines).

Bob Kraft, UPenn