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lecture and continuing web updates (Brian)

To: the Orion Discussion Group
From: Brian, Orion Web Staff

The Orion Web continues to be updated; Streamlining the pages, 
bibliographic additions, and a few lecture postings are the latest.  All 
additions and changes can be seen by entering a reconfigured "General 
Information Page" now known as "First Stop" 

Below is one of the upcoming lectures that I posted.  If you have others, 
please write me and I will post it on the page 

At Bar Illan University on Tuesday December 17, 1996 from 15:30-17:00, the 
following lectures will be given: 
	Prof. Elisha Kamron: The Hebrew of the Judean Desert
	Prof. Shimon Shervit: The Language of the Sages
	Prof. Michael Sokoloff: The Aramaic of the Jews
The Seminar is sponsered by the Department of Hebrew Language, Faculty of 
Jewish Studies, Bar Illan University.