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OUP/Brill DSS CD-ROM - comment/queries

One wonders if Brill (or OUP) intends to send these CD-ROMs out unsolicited
to anyone who bought The Microfiche Edition as they did with the Allegro
photographs.  If so then Libraries will be getting the CDs whether they
want them or not.

One also wonders how this 4 CD-ROM arrangement is intended to be used.  Do
any among you who saw the demo in New Orleans recall if they were swapping
the CDs?  Did they have them in a jukebox arrangement?  Is the use of the
data platform independent?  (Yes, I've requested the brochure so eventually
the questions will be answered).

And now some question about these formats in general.  Do those of you who
have access to the Microfiche edition actually use it?  How about the
Eisenman/Robinson edition?  How about the Huntington library microfilm? Do
you prefer one over the others?  Why?  Other significant comments on these

I'll be happy to collect responses (if any) to these questions  off-list
and digest them in a single message to orion.

-Chuck Jones-
The Oriental Institute - Chicago