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Re: Oxford UP DSS CD-ROM

Dear Hans van der Meij,

I hope that my mail was not included in the bad net manners ... as I 
today presented the prices mentioned in the brochure which I have in 
front of me.

The problem is that the price may be so high for many institutions 
that they cannot afford to pay it without so-to-speak cancelling 
their budget for another year. It means that special fondings will have 
to be found, or that the decision makers will decide that they will 
have to do with the microfix edition which is excellent but not quite 

I saw the demonstration in NO, and their is no doubt in my mind that 
some of us have to break into some  bank to find the money - as the 
cd's are probably indispensible for any scholar who in the future 
wants to do serious work in this field. And of course you could say 
that to pay around 7000$ for having almost access to the scrolls 
themselves, that is cheap. But still, it is a kind of knock out 



Niels Peter Lemche
Dep. Biblical Studies
University of Copenhagen
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