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Re: Oxford UP DSS CD-ROM

Dear Orion subscribers,

Although I feel that publishers such as myself should not add to the
considerable amount of mail that is distributed via the net these days (cf.
Peter Flint-s wise comments in this regard), I think, in the interest of the
Orion subscribers, I ought to correct some of the points in the recent
postings on the DSS CD-ROM which my company will shortly be publishing in
cooperation with OUP.

(By the way, I find the manner in which some people tend to pick up rumours
in order to spread them further added with their own judgements bad net
behaviour, to coin a phrase.)

The correct price of the CD-ROM (actually, we are talking about 3 CD-s) is
1495 pounds stlg (1395 for subscribers) or US$ 2490 ($2225 for subscribers).
Although I readily admit that this is still a lot of money, in any case for
an indivual buyer, it does not come close to the $10,000 price somebody

Anyone interested in this publication can request a copy of the detailed
brochure. If you are seriously interested you can order the CD-s for a
testing period of 60 days free of charge.

The demos, expertly directed by Christian Brady at last weeks SBL meeting in
New Orleans, did not fail to impress the interested scholars as to quality
of the images, the user-friendliness of the software and the
comprehensiveness of the database and indices.

One of the nice features of the CD, especially for class use,  is that it is
possible to make prints of the images, and of the information provided in
the accompanying database. The prints are of a very good quality, provided
that the laser printer used is up to par.

Hans van der Meij
Religion Publisher