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Re: Calendar, MMT & Enoch (short)

>>It should be noted that Belial means 'without god', or in English godless
people.<  [Moshe Shulman]

>You lost me, Moshe!  Belial is spelled with 'ayin, not aleph, so how do
>you translate it that way???? [Judith Romney Wegner]

Having just completed  a 26 page paper on" Belial" in the TNKh and the DSS, I
have come upon no explanations or references to Belial as meaning "without god"
with the exception of one non-academic publication ( which lacks footnote to
determine how the author came up with "beli el" when, as Judith states, Belial
is spelled with 'ayin.  In the Talmud, the rabbis (Sanhedrin 111b)  made a play
on words with "beli ol (shamayim)"--"without the yoke (of heaven)," consistent
with the ayin spelling. 


Marsha B. Cohen
Graduate Student, Religious Studies
Florida International University
Miami, FL