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Re: Calendar, MMT

>I disagree. HZNWT means literally the prostitutes (ZNH being a prostitute). It
appears that there is a phrase here starting with the word W'P (end line 81)
which means 'and also (82) their seed with prostitutes...' < [M Shulman]

>To Moshe, in a yet subsequent post, if one follows the use of zenuth in
places like CD and the Testament of Levi (I made this argument originally
on the basis of the Greek version of the latter and need to revisit it),
the issue is not visiting prostitutes but marrying the wrong women
according to someone's interpretation of the Levitical marriage
rules--note the HUCA article mentioned above.  The example in CD is
marriage with a niece, while so far I think the Q and S are correct in
seeing MMT as opposed to marriages between priests and Israelites.< [DSuter]

On the whole, I'm inclined to agree with David Suter.  We must always bear in
mind, when dealing with the Hebrew root z-n-h (or more technically z-n-y) that
it, like its Arabic cognate, does have two distinct kinds of meanings depending
on context. While it can mean prostitution or fornication, it can just as well
mean  sex with "forbidden" women in the sense of those a man is not eligible
to marry -- whether because they are within the prohibited degrees of consan-
guinity or because they are other men's wives. Therefore zonot (if that is
what we have here) could conceivably mean the latter just as much as the
former.  zina' in Arabic can mean either adultery or fornication/harlotry as
I said -- so why not likewise in DSS?   Mind you, I'd want to see the word in
the entire sentence before deciding that it reads ha-zonot rather than
ha-zenut (in the abstract sense of either incest or harlotry, depending on

Can someone give us the entire sentence? (Sorry if someone already has -- I
was away at AAR/SBL and came back in medias res).

Judith Romney Wegner