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Re: Oxford UP DSS CD-ROM

>Isn't it a shame we can't "copy" said information! After all, we are
>supposed to be theologians and therefore honest. I can see my chosen field
>has its drawbacks. 2,500 pounds, I ask you . . .!
>Marcus Wood
>Department of Theology
>University of Durham
>On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Kaare Sigvald Fuglseth wrote:
>> Yesterday I received the brochure from Brill together with a letter
>> offering their DSS CD free for two months. I admit, that is the only
>> possibility for me to work with this CD. I just have to remember to return
>> it...

Incidentally, a CD-Writer these days costs less than a thousand US dollars.
You could borrow a copy of this CD-ROM and make a copy for less than a
quarter of the cost of the CD-ROM and end up with a CD-Writer. Make a few
copies, distribute them to your friends -- oh, but that would be illegal --
oh, but this is highway robbery.

Ian Hutchesson