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Re: wasting our time


If you *must* have everything on line, try this URL for a list of 
standard abbreviations: 

CD, however, is quite intuitive.  It refers to the *Cairo* Genizah text 
of the *Damascus* Document.  As such it is consistent with the 
abbreviation conventions for the Scrolls in beginning with an indication 
of the source of the scroll.  It seems to me that if you are as serious 
as you appear to be about scholarship on the DSS, you need to find a way 
of making the appropriate investment in the scholarly background, which 
includes access to libraries, books, and perhaps even a graduate program 
in the field, before you start ragging on scholars about how they spend 
their internet time.  Orion is intended as a means of scholarly 
communication, not DSS 101.

David Suter