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Re: Calendar, MMT & Enoch (longish)

Responding to Moshe Shulman who brings the 'red heifer' laws into the fray:

>>>  I find it
>>>difficult to accept MMT predating the Hellenistic Crisis of 175 BCE, as MMT
>>>appears to contain specific opposition to Pharisee positions.  Agreed?
>>I gather this is the Schiffman "pouring of liquids" argument. I wouldn't pin
>>too much credence on this one argument notwithstanding its long enduring
>>nature.  Perhaps, I have missed other arguments you might like to use to
>>make Pharisaic connections with the situations mentioned in MMT.
>I am likewise not convinced on this, however the 'red heifer' laws are a
>For those not familiar according to the Talmud they specifically made someone
>who was a Tovel Yom do the ceremonies with regards to the red heifer. A Tovel
>Yom was one who was unclean for a day period, and had already immersed in the
>Mikvah, but the sun had not set on that day. They (the Pharisees and Rabbis)
>held a Tovel Yom could perform the service involved with the red heifer. 4Q394
>13-15 make it clear that they are in disagreement with this. 

What I can't see, Moshe, is that there is anything extra contained in these
lines that hs not been said in Num 19:1-10, so are you arguing that MMT is
later because of its statement regarding the procedures in dealing with the
heifer? If so, is Numbers also late?

I see no evidence that the lines "make it clear that they are in
disagreement with " the later Pharisaic position.


Ian Hutchesson

I do find it interesting that there is an analogy with their idea of Mosaic
times to be seen through the use of the camp terminology.