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Re: Calendar, MMT & Enoch (Combined)

>>>On Greg's suggestion, Moshe Shulman has already pointed out the incongruity
>>>of the priestly establishment "separating" from the people.
>>This of course doesn't mean a totally isolating separation otherwise their
>>priestly role would be rendered useless. The priestly observances that they
>>were advocating and following were in themselves something that separated
>Actually Ian, it does mean they seperated themselves from the temple service.

Dear Moshe,

You still haven't justified yourself and you take my idea of separation too
lightly. By separation you should be able to imagine no personal communion,
no discourse in public unless forced, avoidance in the temple, exclusion
from everything possible. I haven't seen your grounds for separating
themselves from the temple service at least at the time of writing MMT or
even the Community Rule. You cannot seriously project ideas from perhaps
centuries later into this situation. On what second century bce grounds can
you talk of separating totally from the temple -- especially given the
centrality of the temple to MMT? It seems unthinkable.


On a totally unrelated matter (and saving a post):

I would recognize a dose of ad hominem in the dss when talking of the
opposition indulging in sexual activities with women during menstruation,
making the practisers impure. I can't imagine that the wielders of such
attacks went around spying on the offending events. But as always, ad
hominem is a more effective means than logical discourse in the pursuit of
demeaning the other person's position.



Ian Hutchesson