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Re: A few thoughts on MMT

At 09:35 PM 11/21/96 +0100, Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>MMT talks of the Book of Moses. Given that the pentateuch circulated as
>separate documents as seen in the dss, what would this one Book of Moses >be?
>Ian Hutchesson

Ben Sirah too speaks of the singular Book of the law and 1 Maccabees speaks
both of the books of the law and the singular book of the covenant. The
dominant opinion so far as I have seen is that this is a reference to
Deuteronomy in some form. I can't help but wonder if the distinction made in
first Maccabees between the books of the law and the book of the Covenant
points to a time before their amalgamation into the Penteteuch we recognize. 

Bruce Wildish