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Re: Calendar, MMT & Enoch (Combined)

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996 20:05:54 -0800  Moshe Shulman wrote:
>>From: netzarim@netvision.net.il
>>Particularly if CD was the earlier document as I and others hold, then at
>>the time of CD, Moreh Tzeddek *could* only have referred to a single
>>historical person.
>The opposite is the case. If CD is earlier, then it is POST MT's death. 
>That means if MMT is by the Moreh Tzedik, it is a SECOND one.

I'm not sure but I think we're saying a couple of the same things and/or 
somehow miscommunicating.  I suggested that, if CD is earlier, then, being 
post MTz-1's death, _CD_ could only have referred to MTz-1, since CD didn't 

refer to himself as a MTz-n [n>1].  I specifically referred to "at the time 

of CD," not MMT.  (On the other hand, that the author of CD didn't seem to 
regard himself _a_ MTz-n seems to be a contradiction -- the model seems to 
be getting a little frayed here.)  So the implication of my suggestion was 
indeed that, if MMT is by _a_ MTz, he would be a subsequent one and *not* 
MTz-1.  Hence, even if MMT were authored by a MTz-n, dating MMT according 
to MTz-1, *or the reverse* (dating MTz-1 based on MMT), wouldn't be 
justified.  In this regard, the only thing that seems clear is that MTz-1 
predated CD.  And, it seems to me, that still allows for Khonyo (Onias) III 
as the MTz-1 and Jason as the Koheyn ha-Ra?

>>Are there other indications that contradict the use of the title passing 
>>to successors?
>CD uses the term 'Moreh HaYachud' for the Moreh Tzedik, which seems to
>indicate the special character that he was.

I'd missed that, thanks.  Considering this, however, might this also argue 
the opposite, that a special term was necessary for MTz-1 *because* MTz was 
becoming used more generically as a title?  I don't mean to imply a direct 
succession into the Teymaniy community.  That seems unlikely to me (though 
not fantastic) on other grounds (the need to then explain the halakhic 
transition and continuity a direct succession would imply).  However, it 
seems to me to argue *for* the antiquity of the term "Moreh" as the local 
teacher, rather than against, i.e., *for* such a connection to the 
tradition we find documented in DSS?

Kol tuv,

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