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Re: CD -- oh, and of course Enoch

Dear David,

You wrote:
>The abbreviation CD stands for "Cairo Damascus," according to VanderKam.  

Just imagine I've slapped myself on the forehead and said: "Duh, why didn''I
think o' that?"

Incidentally, I hope noone has taken your name in vain recently, regarding
MMT and Enoch.

On the dating of Enoch -- the early bits at least -- you seem adamant that
they are third century. I have no problems with that dating, but I'd love to
know why you think so!

On my guessing about MMT etc, if the righteous teacher was Onias III and MMT
initiates the open trouble in the Jerusalem priesthood, I'd have to guess
that MMT was written before Onias III's ascendency to the high priesthood --
as per the Zadokite frags' twenty years before he cropped up, which could
push MMT back into the third century and closer to your third century Enoch.



Ian Hutchesson