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Re: CD

In a message dated 96-11-26 01:02:50 EST, you write:

> Hey, alright, I'll bite. People have been confusing the hell out of me:
>  received three posts from 3 different people using "CD" -- my first
>  was that it was referring to the Community Document or Rule. The second
>  brought a similar but less secure reaction. The third made me think that
>  "CD" referred to what I have referred to as the Zadokite fragments a la
>  Schiffman or Damascus Rule a la Vermes, even the Damascus Document. The
>  reason for this was that the death of the righteous teacher and the twenty
>  years was mentioned in relation to the "CD".

CD is all of the above.

>  Now tell me, please, what does "CD" stand for, so that it makes sense:
>  something like Codex Damascus?? Covenant Document??? (-- so that I can be
>  put out of my misery -- *bang*)
>  Ian Hutchesson

Actually, I believe it's "Cairo Document" as the text  was found in the Cairo

Russ Gm.