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Re: MMT & Moreh Tzeddek

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996 20:02:01 -0800  Moshe Shulman wrote:
>I do not know of anyone who (after seeing CD) would hold that the Moreh 
>Tzedik founded the community.

I should have written "the first" or "the original" Moreh Tzeddek.  To 
suggest that he founded the community was an unintended error.  'Scuse 

>I likewise do not see any support that Moreh Tzedik was used as a title 
>latter. Cd has a whole list of titles for officers, and this
>one was not included. It seems to refer to a single historical person.

Particularly if CD was the earlier document as I and others hold, then at 
the time of CD, Moreh Tzeddedk *could* only have referred to a single 
historical person.

>I agree that they are part of the 'tradition', but I don't see this as
>relating in any way to the use of the word 'moreh'. It seems to have been 
>used specifically of one person, and was not the title of any of the 
>officials of the community.

The same point above answers this objection as well.  As to its use in 
later documents, that it seems to have been used specifically of one 
person, assuming CD is the earlier document, seems supported strictly by 
petitio principii?  If CD were the later document then the problems you've 
suggested are apparent.  But I don't (yet) find that compelling.  Are
there other indications that contradict the use of the title passing to

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