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Re: MMT & Moreh Tzeddek

>Not at all.  I'm suggesting examining the approach that "the" Moreh
>Tzeddek was the one who founded the community, but also that his
>successors in the community were subsequently called the Moreh Tzeddek
>as well, a title that passed to succeeding community leaders.  Maybe
>this isn't plausible, but off hand I can't think of any reason why not?

I do not know of anyone who (after seeing CD) would hold that the Moreh Tzedik
founded the community. I likewise do not see any support that Moreh Tzedik was
used as a title latter. Cd has a whole list of titles for officers, and this
one was not included. It seems to refer to a single historical person.

>No matter how you cut it, it seems that the Qumran tradition was part of
>the overall Judaic tradition of the period.  That connections like this
>would trace through the centuries and exist in Judaism today is hardly
>far- fetched.  It seems far more fanciful to imagine that, alternately,
>somewhere, sometime, the Teymaniy community got the idea of calling their
>teacher "Moreh" from green gals in a blue UFO while the Qumran community
>got their idea of calling their teacher "Moreh Tzeddek" from purple guys
>in a white UFO.

I agree that they are part of the 'tradition', but I don't see this as
relating in any way to the use of the word 'moreh'. It seems to have been used
specifically of one person, and was not the title of any of the officials of
the community.

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