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Re: Inkwells revisited (long)

Greg Doudna wrote:

> 2. The lack of inkwells at almost all other sites than
> Qumran proves too much.
>     Since there assuredly was writing--and professional
>     scribes, it can certainly be assumed--in a large city
>     such as Sepphoris, the lack of inkwells does not correlate
>     to lack of writing, or lack of scribes.

	Why pay for a luxury inkwell?  If I were a scribe, I would
make my own ink with lampblack and gum...and as I peer at my Herodian
lamp, I think what an inexpensive and handy inkwell it would make.
The quill fits perfectly in the wick spout.  Of course, being fragile
it is easily replaceable.

	Anyone ever examine oil lamps for ink stain?

Jack Kilmon