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Re: Calendar, MMT

>On Thu, 21 Nov 1996 20:35:05 -0800  Moshe Shulman wrote:
>>CD implies that Moreh Tzedik came about 20 years after the founding of the
>>sect. IF we say that MMT is from the Moreh Tzedik (which I am not so
>>certain I have to look over the arguments again), this implies that it
>>predates CD, since the later implies the Moreh Tzedik is no longer alive.
>If CD and MMT are talking about a different Moreh Tzedek how does that

I am not sure I understand your question. If you are assumeing that the Moreh
Tzedik is the one who founded the community, then that is an error. CD seems
to imply that the people seperated and then the G-d provided the Moreh Tzedik.
As to the Moreh Tzedik and MMT I do not find him mentioned there at all. There
has been speculation that he was the author, but if he is not mentioned there
at all then I see no reason why that has to be the case.

>>>Ya'aqov by the GR Pseudo- Tz'doqim priest be more understandable?  Maybe
>>>I'm predisposed in this direction since, in the Teymaniy tradition, the
>>>local teacher is the "Moreh" (maybe it's a shortened form that hearkens
>>>back? though that's probably impossible to confirm or disprove).  Anyway,
>>A Dayan in European communities was called a 'moreh tzedik', that does not
>>imply any relationship.
>While I acknowledged being very skeptical of a connection myself for lack
>of positive corroboration of continuity within the nosakh Teymaniy, I must
>interject that the European communities cannot be compared to the Teymaniy
>(or Bavliy, for that matter) tradition for retaining ancient traditions.

Since 'Moreh' means 'teacher' I don't see what you are trying to claim as
having any basis.

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