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Call for Papers

             *************CALL FOR PAPERS***********

   The Tenth Annual Klutznick Symposium: September 14-15, 1997
                  Sacred Text, Secular Times: 
           The Hebrew Bible in the Modern World      

Creighton University's Klutznick Chair in Jewish Civilization and Center for
the Study of Religion and Society will host the Tenth Annual Klutznick
Symposium to take place in Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday, September 14, and
Monday, September 15, 1997.  The theme of the Symposium will be Sacred
Text, Secular Times: The Hebrew Bible in the Modern World.

The Program Committee seeks proposals for presentations on the impact of the
Hebrew Bible or Tanakh on art, literature, philosophy, religion, and other areas
of the humanities or sciences over the past two centuries or so.  Papers on
textual studies of the Hebrew Bible are also appropriate if accessible to the
Symposiumžs target audience (see below).

Those chosen to participate in the symposium will be expected to make twenty
minute presentations of their papers in a manner suitable to an audience
composed of the general public and scholars. Participants must submit their
papers in a scholarly format; those papers will be published in a collected
volume. Please note that the reading of papers as submitted for publication
would not be appropriate to this audience. Audio/visual aids are encouraged.

Some support for the presenter's costs of transportation and accommodation
will be provided.

For further information contact Leonard Jay Greenspoon, Chairholder of the
Chair in Jewish Civilization (ljgrn@creighton.edu or phone 402-280-2304), or
Bryan Le Beau, Director of the Center for the Study of Religion and Society
(blbeau@creighton.edu or phone 402-280-2562) at Creighton University, 2500
California Plaza, Omaha, Nebraska  68178. One page abstracts and vitae should
be submitted to either Dr. Greenspoon or Dr. Le Beau by March 1, 1997.