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Orion Center Web and e-mail: read please!

To the discussion group,

Greetings.  I bear good news:

1) We now have a new e-mail account open for all the orion staff for all 
business NOT related to the discussion group.   If you have bibliographic 
additions, web suggestions, academic questions, program questions, this 
is the account to use: 

2) The Bibliography is completely updated as of November 18 and will 
continue to be updated  every Monday.  We desire any biblogrpahic 
ADDITIONS (using the above adress: msdss@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il)  FROM 
1995 OR 1996.  At this time, our bibliography project attempts to be 
comprehensive for these two years only.  We will slowly expand backwards.

3) The Bibliography is now searchable by author, as a whole or by looking 
at each letter, i.e. "S" for all references under "S."  The "Bibliography 
Home" will have the latest postings (the current month's).

4) Please note our full list of programs sponsered by the Orion Center at 
/~orion/programs/current1.html.  The highlighted programs will be those 
which will be taking place within the coming fortnight.

5) If you have suggestions concerning the Orion Web, please write me 
using the msdss@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il address.  Thank you.

Brian Kvasnica
Orion Web Coordinator