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Re: Calendar, MMT

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996 11:36:28 -0800  Moshe Shulman wrote:

Actually, I've lost track of who said what.  I think Ian wrote:

>>The key question is one of evidence: what is the evidence
>>that MMT is sectarian and not composed by priests in power
>>in Jerusalem?  So ends this heretical reading of MMT.
>>But is it so heretical?  Q and S say at one point:
>>    "MMT implies that the 'we' group regularly
>>    administered the Jerusalem temple" (p. 121)

I understood this quotation from Qimron to be phrased ambiguously and to 
mean: "MMT implies that the 'we' group [*ONCE*] regularly administered
the Jerusalem Temple" which, of course, is so obvious as not to require
further explanation.  In not supplying an otherwise obviously needed
explanation I reasoned that this was Qimron's meaning.  Perhaps he and/
or Schiffman could clarify?

While I buy the date for MMT Qimron gives on the same page ("probably 
between 159 - 152 BCE"), I still think CD is even earlier (Khonyo III, a 
generation earlier), and, while a later dating for CD is more popular, I 
think the later date for CD is suspended from speculation about the 
identity of the Moreh Tzeddek.  Thus, I still see CD antedating MMT as 
plausible.  Reasonable?

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