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Visiting Appointment


     The Faculty of Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University expects
to be able to appoint a Visiting Scholar in the 1997-98 academic
year. This appointment, which is subject to final funding
approval, should be of special interest to scholars from abroad,
spending a sabbatical year in Israel. 
     The Visiting Scholar will teach one course in his or her
respective department at Bar Ilan. In addition, the visitor will
participate in the academic life of the university through
seminars and lectures. The visitor will receive a monthly grant
of up to 6,000 NIS (currently about $1875), dependent on rank,
for the period of the Israeli academic year (eight months). Based
on current tax treaties between Israel and most western
countries, that grant will not be taxable in Israel, but only in
the scholar's country of permanent residence. The Scholar will
also receive up to $2,000 for round trip transportation expenses.
The Visiting Scholar will be entitled to an office, basic
secretarial services, full library privileges, and use of the
computing facilities of the university. 
     Applicants should specialize in some aspect of Jewish
Studies, in any time period, emphasizing the History, Material
Culture, Literature, Languages or Thought of Jews in the Land of
Israel, including Israel-Diaspora relations. Preference will be
given to applicants intending to spend a full academic year in
Israel, and able to teach in Hebrew.
     Please submit your curriculum vitae, together with a short
description of your research plans for the year in Israel, a
proposal for a course, a brief statement of the ways in which you
would like to participate in the life of Bar Ilan, and the names
of three referees familiar with your work, to Professor Albert
I. Baumgarten, Department of Jewish History, Faculty of Jewish
Studies, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, by fax to +972-
3-534-4622, or by e-mail to baumgaa@ashur.cc.biu.ac.il. Please
ask the referees to write to Professor Baumgarten directly. 
     Completed applications should be submitted by February 15,
1997. A decision will be announced by April 1, 1997.