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Re: RGmyrken on Calendar, MMT, etc.

Gentle men and ladies of our discipline: it was once thought 
worthwhile to debate whether Bacon wrote Shakespeare, or, in a not 
dissimilar vein, to attempt to identify the "suffering servant" 
historically. I could name at least 10 of the suggestions that have 
been made in this connexion offhand, without, I think, our becoming 
any the wiser.
 The same, naturally, applies to the identity of the 
"Teacher of Righteousness", the "Wicked Priest", et al. The fact that 
we do not *know* these identities, almost 50 years after the finds of 
the documents, is clearly the result of the fact that the relevant 
references are non-specific, and also that we have no insight into 
the concrete context of the references. Failing the discovery of more 
specific documentation we shall never have certainty or even high 
probability in this regard, so I fail to see the usefulness of this 
line of approach. But I am, of course, willing to be convinced 

Fred Cryer