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Sorry for the serious goof

one person's convneience is another's poison.  

One list is set up so replies automatically go to the list, pthers so replies
go to the sender.  I did not check my address file and thought my message on
Daniel was going privately across the Bay of Fundy to Wolfville, NS, where
they know what tides really are!!!  (The're a mere 26-28 feet [8-9 m] in the
harbour in front of my windows but nearly 50 feet [15 m] at Cape Blomidon in
sight of Wolfville - nearly- and 70 feet [20+ m] at the head of Shepody Bay,
also in sight of Wolfville.)

Tide is negligible on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea by those stsndards.

Anyway, I hope the long post - off topic - is ignored by the list, except, of
course, privately.

Tom Klutz