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An inkwell examination

Earlier this week the collector Martin Schoeyen was in Trondheim, Norway,
exhibiting his DSS items at an open meeting in the Videnskabselskabet (see
e.g. Dead Sea Discoveries, 2/96 - Zuckermans article, the photos at
p.204-205 of fragments of this collection). He was there together with
Weston Fields and Torleif Elgvin.

According to our local newspaper "Adresseavisen", he also had his inkwell
examined by scientist from the university of Trondheim (NTNU). They found
some ink at the bottom and a chemical test was undertaken. The chemists
will publish their results as soon as possible, but I am presently not sure
where and when. I'll try to catch it up and report to the Orion list.

As far as I understand this inkwell was found at *Qumran* before the
discoveries of the scrolls, at least that is what Schoeyen claims himself.
So there may be some doubt of its place of origin.

Kaare Sigvald Fuglseth
Dep. of Religious Studies
University of Trondheim (NTNU)
N-7055 Dragvoll, Norway
Araneum Mondiale: http://proffen.avh.unit.no/rel/KaaresHSeng.htm