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Re: Are 1000 scribes too many? was Re: DSS Scribes

My apologies for a recent garbled message. My modem seems to be having
trouble. I'll try again!

On the Golb theory: What sort of priests would have sent scrolls from
Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. Consider the groups vying for power in the 60s.
Is it possible that the inhabitants of Q were associated with one such
group? That would explain the 'sectarian' quality of much of the 'library'
as well as xplain why the texts were stored near this site. This suggestion
offers a link with Michael Wise's Zealot (I wish he would say 'fourth
philosophy'; there was no Zealot party)  theory. It certainly exlains 3Q15
as well. I need to get back to my Josephus, even if he is unreliable......

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield