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Re: Apologies

Dear Dr. Martinez,
I thought your letter to Esther was broadcast inadvertently, but I did 
have a thought on the subject.  The Keilschrift Bibliographie printed 
annuallly in Orientalia could serve as a model for your planned 
bibliographie.  It lists articles alphabetically by authors, with a 
subject index in the back.  But a better model would be the 
assyriologische Biblographie in AfO.  That contains an alphabetical 
listing of articles as well as an index to texts with cross reference to 
the pertinent item in the alphabetized bibliography.  There is also a 
subject index.
Good luck and hope to see the bibliography in press soon.
Avigdor Hurowitz

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, F. Garcia Martinez wrote:

> My sincere apologies. Apparently I have used the wrong command to 
> send a message to Dr. Chazon. As a result, the message and the 
> attached file has been distributed to the whole Orion List. Please, 
> disregard both files. Thank you for for patience with my computer 
> illiteracy. 
> Sncerely yours,
> F. Garcia Martinez
> Qumran Institutuut, RUG