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DSS in Hebrew and English


James H. Charlesworth is editor of a 10 volume series for the Princeton
Theological Seminary Dead Sea Scrolls Project entitled The Dead Sea Scrolls:
Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Texts with English Translations, published by J.C.B.
Mohr (Paul Siebeck) in Tubingen and the Westminster John Knox Press in
Louisville.  I am not certain whether all 10 volumes are in print yet or which
ones are.  I presently have 1 & 2 checked out of the library.

The biblical texts are not included in the series.  The Isaiah Pesher texts and
Pseudo-Daniel will be found in volume 6, Daniel and Susannah in 10, the Four
Kingdoms in 8.  Each volume has a list at the back of all document numbers,
names of documents and the volume number where they will be printed.


Marsha B. Cohen
Graduate Student, Religious Studies
Florida international University
Miami, FL 

On Nov. 12, Gretchen Haas wrote:

>Is there such a thing as a book that contains the DSS in both Hebrew and 
>English?  The Hebrew can be with or without nikkudot (vowel points),
>though nikkudot are helpful in showing what the author conjectures the
>scrolls to have said.  I am especially interested in the Isaiah scrolls
>and anything to do with the book of Daniel (or fragments there of),
>since it is related to some work I am currently doing.

>Thanks for you assistance,

>Gretchen Shapiro Haas