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Re: Are 1000 scribes too many? was Re: DSS Scribes

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Frederick Cryer wrote:

> Bill, if , as you say, the archaeology of the site dictates that 
> there was an association between the inhabitants of the settlement 
> and the scrolls in caves 4-10, then you are accounting for over 580 
> of the known scrolls. Isn't this to claim the very position you 
> maintain no one believes any more? Puzzled, but attentive,
> Fred

So Fred, you think that if the archaeology of the site dictates that
there is a relationship between caves 4-10, that it also dictates that
the scrolls were *written* at the site?  Hardly.  It just means that
the scroll collection belonged to the last inhabitants of the site.  This
does not directly address the question of who wrote the scrolls.  For
example, the few scrolls which predate the settlement obviously were 
not written at the site.  They were brought to the site.  Now the question
becomes who brought these few scrolls (and we should assume others as
well) to the site, and when?  So, you see, I do not think that all the
scrolls were *written* there, but merely that they were used there.