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Re: Are 1000 scribes too many? was Re: DSS Scribes

Niels Peter Lemche wrote:
> The relevance of the size of the cemetery is relative to the 'normalcy' of the
> community life. If the norm was that only young people lived there, while
> older ones went to more 'comfortable' lodgings, then the size would not be
>  relevant. How large was the cemetery in Elephantine?
> Thus Moshe Shulnab
> Moshe, Read Stegemann. He will explain why people were not very old.
> It is not that old people would stay away but that people  did not
> grew old at all, exept the lucky few. His average estimation of the
> age is something like 39 for men and less than 30 for women (you will
> have to check for yourself). So he has some intricate calculations
> about the turnover at the settlement of residents.

	Is it also a given that the cemetery was one of the Essenes and not
another group in or around the settlement before the Essenes used it?

Jack Kilmon