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Re: Golb's theory

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996 17:28:19 -0600, jpman@accesscomm.net writes:

   [... snip, snip ... already related material omitted ...]

>It seems 
>to me the largely unverifiable "conspiracy" tale and the "surviving the
>crucifixion" scenario is unsupported by evidence.  The forensics of the
>"man in the shroud" supports the conclusion that "the man" was indeed

   Aaahhh, (my best Fred Allen intro to Missus Nussbaum...) get a mercerized
   negative "image" on linen from any of the miles of mummy wrappings now
   available and you've made your case.  However, see the extensive merceriza-
   tion that occurs on hospital linen allowed to sit unwashed in warm cup-
   boards...  Now, if some one wants to keep wrapped in linen a sweat-soaked
   warm body for two days in a Jerusalem ambience, Spring conditions, lime-
   stone tomb and tell me what is the result, you've lost your case.  I'll
   even accept a body temp and sweat soaked with myrrh and such warmed dummy
   wrapped as the Shroud was.

   Do the above and you've lost your case doubly.

   BTW, get Sister Damian's private production of her report with the tipped in
   slides before you write any more.  (I'd give you her address but it's in   
   transit.  Meanwhile, try this address for the Shroud of Turin Newsletter:

                                 Paul C. Maloney
                            General Projects Director
                                     Box 334
                              QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951

>  My opinion is that the conspiracy/survival "punchline" is less
>scholarship and more bookselling.
>Jack Kilmon

Tom Simms