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Re: Golb's theory

>Someone mentioned the other day Golb's book; and this brought to mind a most
>curious fact-
>the cover of Golb's book prints the Qumran text it uses as its background
>upside down.
>How can one take seriously a book the editors of which are so completely
>incapable of even reading the script?
>I don't mean to pick on them; but if they are presenting an academic work-
>even if it tends to be more popular than academic, ought they not have the
>good sense to print the DSS the right way?
>The paperback repeats the error: so has no one told Simon and Schuster or do
>they simply not care?

Did you ever hear the phrase "never judge a book by its cover"?

Yes indeed it is upsidedown.  But turn it over, and see!! it's not even of
Oriental Institute A30303 as reported in the credits.  That fragment can be
read on-line at:

It looks to me like it's taken from the color plate opposite page 113 of
Yadin's Bar-Kokhba.

And yes, Golb knows about it - rest assured he's told Simon and Schuster.

-Chuck Jones-
Oriental Institute - Chicago