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Re: document uniformity

Is not the paradox resolved in that it was accepted that astrology was
valid and that the "stars"  did have an influence on the lives of man,
but that it was forbidden to use the knowledge for predictive purposes?


On Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:28:49 GMT +100 "Frederick Cryer" <FC@teol.ku.dk>
>The point is straightforward. The texts in question represent 
>practices that are condemned in Deuteronomy 18. I am abundantly aware 
>that the rabinnical tradition persisted in practising divination in a 
>variety of ways; in fact, the Babli fair runneth over with it. That's 
>not the point. The point is that we find in the caves the *collection* 
>of actual 
>literature on how to do it alongside of the collection of material 
>forbidding the practices involved: an apparent heterodoxy that 
>requires explanation. 
>As I also pointed out, in virtually all "archival" finds in the ANE 
>we find so-called "magical" texts, meaning omen texts and 
>conjurations, by far the most numerous, with the exception of legal 
>bumpf. In Ugarit and in Qumran this was certainly not the case, and 
>one, again, would like to know why not...