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I would be very much obliged if someone could perhaps take some time to
answer the following questions?

1) Is it always assumed that the _purpose_ of all the caves was the same?
Could not cave 4 have been used for a different reason than the others?
Has any paper been written covering that point?

2) Has the ganiza theory (especially with regard to cave 4..see above) 
been totally dropped or have papers been written pro and con in the last
ten years?  Was the fact that nothing from the book of Esther was found
taken into consideration in these discussions?

3) If the community was such a devout one, how is the very, very close
proximity of the cemetry explained especially as so much emphasis is
placed on "purity"?

4) Whilst very, very few people still accept the Talmudic chronology has
any paper been written using that chronology as it applies to the "390"

5) Could you recommend three books in print that most accurately describe
for the non-academic the present consensus regarding Qumran and the DSS?
Are there academic papers which do a better job?

Your help would be very much appreciated.


Mike Sanders